Australian Knifemakers Guild

Hello Knife Makers and Collectors

Welcome to The Australian Knifemakers Guild website. The Guild was created as a not for profit group in 1984 by knife makers, with the express purpose of fostering the design, manufacture, sale and use of Australian, handmade custom knives. To this end, membership is dependent on meeting a certain standard of build quality, maintained over time, as judged by other, experienced knife makers. It is this peer support that makes being a Guild member unique and valued by knife enthusiasts, collectors and those who buy knives to use. 

The Guild has members from all walks of life both here in Australia and overseas, ranging from the enthusiast knife makers to professionals who are recognized around the world. The Guild also has members and associate members interested in collecting hand crafted knives.

This website is still young and growing. If you have content that could be included on this page, be it either a ‘how-to’ instruction or some photos of your work, then please contact us or submit it to the webmaster, Warrick Edmonds at or via one of the links in the contact page. Press here for the contact page

Items of interest could be photos of your workshop, meetings with other guild members, anything of knife making interest member to member. This page will be updated with contributions as they are submitted. In the meantime, please visit the other pages available through the drop-down menu in the header above.