Australian Knifemakers Guild

The Australian Knifemakers Guild

Take a peek at some of our member's latest work

The Australian Knifemakers Guild is Australia’s premier not-for-profit knife makers association. Its membership includes some of the most respected and experienced knife makers in the country. Via a network of representatives located throughout Australia it serves to provide support and recognition to those learning and those seeking to improve their knife making skills.

The Australian Knifemakers Guild actively seeks to create and reflect a high standard of craftsmanship. It does this through peer review and evaluation over a probationary period prior to full membership. The emphasis is always on encouraging and promoting quality.

The Australian Knifemakers Guild furthers the interest of knife makers by running an annual knife show in Melbourne and by lending support to other knife shows, hammer in’s and events around Australia. At many of these events knife makers show off edged tools and collectables that might be handed down through generations, objects of uniqueness and quality that can be used and admired.

In the following pages you will find insights into the craft of Australian handmade knives and learn about our members and their work. Whether you are a maker or a collector or if this is your first introduction to handmade knives, we are sure there will be something of interest to you.


To contact the Australian Knifemakers Guild use this form or press this link to go to the Contacts Page where you will find State Representatives and The Guild Committee

Or you can post at; PO Box 684, Nowra, NSW, 2541