Natural Leather Black or Vinegar Black

To make this type of blackening you will need some plain steel wool and apple cider vinegar, as well as an old pot. Take enough of the steel wool to fill a quart jar and then place the steel wool in the pot, next, pour a quart of pure apple cider over the steel wool and heat it to near boiling point. When it is cool, put it in a glass or plastic container and leave it to sit for about a week or so.

It should then be reheated again and when cool poured back into the container and left for another week or so.

Lastly, strain off the liquid into a non metallic container. To use it, apply several coats, which will go on as a sort of light grey colour, but as it sets into the leather with each coat, it will become a nice black that will not rub off.

If you have ever left a piece of steel wool or bare metal on damp leather it will leave a black mark that will not come off, even with bleaches or other chemical cleaners.

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